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Sometimes a raspberry delight is what brightens up a wet and grey day… we couldn’t like it more! This recipe is deliciously flavoured with a mixture of raspberries, honey and herbs.

Benefits and purpose of opening raspberries and soaking them in boiled water:

The vibrant red caontrasts with the fresh green leaves. Doesn’t this unsurpassed beauty of nature instantly conquer our hearts? It feels like you’re ripping them off and putting them in your mouth!

Fruit worms, sap beetles or picnic bugs, white worms, bugs, moths, and the larvae of some butterflies feed on ripe fruit and leaves of raspberry plants. The fungi can even infect soft fruit.

If you open the fruit with your fingertips you may find that some of the berries have a net-like fungus formation inside. This is definitely what we have to avoid. These fungi or insects can cause infections when eaten unknowingly.

Herb and the endoherbs system

The endoherbs system is essential and is the most important physiological system in the human body used to improve health. Endoherbs and receptors are present in various parts of the body. Organs, immune cells, glands, connective tissues, and the brain all have endoherbs and receptors.

This system initiates physiological processes that help control various body processes such as mood, stress, the immune system, and the neurological system and focuses on achieving homeostasis. Therefore, a stable endoherbs system is essential for maintaining good health.

There are a growing number of studies that are devoted to testing the response of external or in the human body’s endoherbs. These include positive results at the CB1 and CB2 receptors.


The raspberry belongs to the diverse rose family. It is of Eurasian origin and can be found in different color varieties including red, black, blue and yellow. But these colors are special and specific to their origin. They are commercial fruit crops grown in temperate regions of the world.

The nutritional value of raspberries

Vitamin A, C, B6 Manganese, dietary fiber, zinc, thiamine, carbohydrates, less sugar content, no starch and abundant phytochemicals.

Amazing health facts about raspberries:

According to an independent research paper on the health benefits of raspberries published by the Yerevan State Medical University in Armenia

Among all fruits, they have the highest concentrations of antioxidants and help fight cancer.

Their phytonutrients help reduce oxidative stress, inflammation and slow down the reproduction of cancer cells.
Minerals help maintain cardiovascular health.
Vitamin C and minerals improve fertility in both men and women.

Anti-inflammatory properties help improve the immune system.

Food for thought:

While we came to understand that the raspberry fruit has such amazing health benefits, raspberry leaves could also have been used for medicinal remedies. But there is no conclusive scientific research to prove it.

Are we overlooking the potential therapeutic benefits of lifestyle-mediated health and succumbing to drug-based disease cure rather than a state of well-being? This is a typical case with most botanical plants having surprising health benefits, but scientific research has not been able to prove it.

Who is to blame? The approach to pharmacology? Interests created by national governments or by powerful businessmen or corporate companies? Strict laws and bureaucracies that make tests or experiments inaccessible? Who do you think should change the approach?

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